You love Ayurveda? Then, at the Stocker Alpine Hotel, you’re definitely in the right place! Your hostess, Annelies, is highly trained in Ayurveda and fasting therapy, and she loves to incorporate the herbs indigenous to South Tyrol into her spa treatments and massages.
Abhyangam with ayurveda oils
Price: 85.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Ayurvedic whole body massage with ayurvedic warm oils. Relaxes, regenerates and purges.
Ayurveda whole body warm oil massage
Price: 120.00 €
Duration: 90 minutes
In traditional ayurvedic whole body massage the whole body is massaged with invaluable warm oils. This regenerates and harmonises the whole organism.
During the oil massage gentle hands relax the body and warmth and vitality are created by targeted "stroking" and massage. The oil penetrates deep into the skin and thus supports the metabolic processes. An abhyanga activates the energy flow in the whole body, strengthens the nervous system, promotes detoxification, produces balance in skin and hair and results in deep relaxation.

Energy foot bath
Price: 100.00 €
Duration: 30 minutes
Activates the circulation, regenerates, combats stress, purges and relaxes.
We human beings are born with a reservoir of negative hydrogen; this shows how important it is for our organism. Conversely, we store amino acids and protein only in the short term. The organ, which can store the most hydrogen, is the liver and it is not by accident that this is our most important decontaminating organ. However, our hydrogen reservoir becomes drained during the course of our lives.

Price: 69.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Ayurvedic silk glove massage
 The silk glove massage is a soothing and relaxing whole body massage with raw silk gloves which activates and stimulates the lymphatic system and is suitable for all types of constitution. If your skin is extremely dry, an oil massage is to be preferred. 
Introductory talk on ayurvedic philosophy
Price: 120.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Energy counselling on nutrition and life-style according to ayurvedic principles
La Stone Massage
Price: 130.00 €
Duration: 90 minutes
La Stone is a fascinating combination of whole body massage, energy work and the beneficial effect of hot and cool stones, plus aroma oil.
The whole organism is recharged with energy and vitality and your energy field is harmonised and strengthened. The combination of massage and ancient knowledge makes La Stone an invaluable, unique massage method.

Mukabhyanga Lepa
Price: 120.00 €
Duration: 90 minutes
Ayurvedic head, face, neckline, stomach and foot massage + facial cleansing and mask.
The ayurvedic beauty treatment relaxes, nourishes and soothes. The oil massage combines head, face and upper body. You are charged with deep relaxation with gentle, attentive, caring movements. The result is balance and inner peace. For this treatment we use warm herbal oil, which is individually matched to your dosha or bio-energy. After the facial mask the facial skin is further cosseted with healing earth and chickpea flour masks, curd packs or fruit masks. These masks balance, cleanse and regenerate in a gentle, natural way. Beneficial warm facial compresses round off the treatment.
Price: 65.00 €
Duration: 40 minutes
Ayurvedic foot massage
A subtle, effective massage with special gripping and stroking techniques, this is one of the major ayurvedic massage techniques. It has a soothing and relaxing effect on headaches, sleep disorders, anxiety and chills.
Reiki treatment
Price: 90.00 €
Duration: 70 minutes
Reiki balances, relaxes, vitalises and activates your self-healing powers and strengthens the immune system.
Stress, anxiety and tension can be reduced. You find inner peace, feel strong and centred. This assists all the processes on the physical, mental and spiritual level to find harmony.
Price: 140.00 €
Duration: 75 minutes
Ayurvedic synchron massage combined with shirodara forehead oil treatment: 50 minutes massage with 2 therapists, finishing with shirodara forehead oil treatment
Shirodara forehead oil treatment is one of the most intensive applications in ayurveda. About 2.5 l warm sesame oil is poured in a gentle stream over the forehead. The skin becomes smooth and tensions in the scalp and inner stresses are released. A state of deep relaxation is induced. The autonomic nervous system is calmed. This application should be used only after some previous relaxing treatment.
Price: 45.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Ayurvedic head and face massage
Warm oil is massaged into the head and neck areas. Ideal for relaxing the muscles of the neck and face.

Price: 73.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Ayurvedic powder massage 
The massage combines deep cleansing, activation of the metabolism and relaxation. It stimulates the body's energy flow, improves supply to and cleansing of the tissues, activates skin and cellular metabolism and has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic flow. The treatment clarifies and refines the complexion and makes the skin soft, silky and smooth. Udvartana also balances the connection between body, mind and soul and like all ayurvedic treatments, promotes body awareness.

Upanaha Sveda
Price: 65.00 €
Duration: 40 minutes
Ayurvedic back massage 
The marma therapy releases blockages, pain and pent-up emotions out of the tissues. This is a real boon for strained backs and stressed bodies! 

Upanha Sveda Lepa
Price: 73.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Ayurvedic back massage with herbal pack
Price: 48.00 €
Duration: 20 minutes