Detox-Ayurveda: Basic Fasting

7 nights
27.08.2022 - 13.11.2022
from 1,500.00 €per person
Rehab, feeding.
Less restrictive than traditional therapeutic fasting. Basic fasting is a profound experience of detoxification, without major sacrifices. . . in a gentle and relaxing way.
The week starts with the cleansing of the intestine and includes a basic diet with 3 meals a day made of fresh fruits and vegetables from local cultivation.
“Fasting for the body is food for the soul”
Basic Fasting is a treatment for detoxification and purification. Annelies Stocker certified by the mother house Buchinger and ayurvedaterapist and daughter nutrition coach Noemi Mameli follow you during the week. Morning and evening walks, Yoga exercises, Kneipp treatments, baths in the woods, daily treatments that give you support and total relaxation in the SPA inside the Hotel with the ayurvedaterapist Surveda Alessandra and Marion masseuse and beautician. We use Ayurvedic oils, natural cosmetics Thres and Farmogal, hay baths, body wraps, Detox foot baths, body wraps with herbs, supportive treatments, evening information to end the day well

the week begins with the purification of the intestine. in fasting Basic receives 3 basic meals daily, which are prepared with fresh vegetables often from our biodynamic field. Many post-fast tips will help you to keep going well once you get home – to “not be acidic”
Fill your depots with vitamins and minerals and you will feel new vitality!
Included services
· 7 days with 3 basic meals a day.
· Detoxification with assistance during the day with the therapist Annelies Stocker and Noemi Mameli nutrition coach and Paul Stocker accompanies the excursions
· Every day you walk in the morning and even in the evening accompanied by Paul Stocker
· Yoga with Sabrina Innerhofer or Petra Röck 
· Natural mineral supplements, infusions and herbal teas during the day
· 1 x Udvartana massage with herbal powders to cleanse and detoxify the skinor Abhyangam
· 1 x Padabhyanga – foot massage very relaxing and activates the energy pathways
· 1 x Abyangam massage with hot oil 50 min.
· 5 x footbath basic 30 min.
· 1 full body scrub with herbal salt
· Every day I pack the liver
· Every day evening meeting with information about, health, basic nutrition,
· 1 folder with information and guide to health and recipes
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