Regional Cuisine

Let us magic up a culinary treat for you

Why venture further out when the good stuff is so close to home? This is something we firmly believe in. For us, local cuisine means good food prepared with consideration for the environment and the countryside. At our Stocker Alpine Hotel, we predominantly serve products that we don’t have to bring in from afar, meaning they mainly come from Valle Aurina. It doesn’t get any better or higher quality than this!
It is very important to us that our dishes are freshly prepared, guaranteeing the highest quality possible for our guests. Whether it’s homemade bread rolls and cakes at the breakfast buffet, traditional Italian gnocchi and Austrian dumplings for your evening meal or little snacks to nibble on during the day, at the Stocker Alpine Hotel, Valle Aurina can surely be tasted on every plate! Beneficial wild herbs, picked with love by your hostess, Annelies, give the meals we serve that special something you’ll not find anywhere else.