Lose weight healthily

Lose weight healthily at Alphotel Stocker: approach your ideal weight with our fasting offers
Out of conviction, we have decided, after Ayurveda, to now also offer the Buchinger fasting weeks and alkaline-fasting in our house. Annelies Stocker has been an Ayurveda therapist for 20 years and has been a medically certified fasting leader in Buchinger for 3 years, accompanying and supporting you during your fasting week. Noemi Mameli daughter of the house certified nutrition couch according to TCM can also give you good tips for at home. With our offers we not only support you with fasting, but also with healthy weight loss. Fasting purifies your body and helps you lose weight in a healthy way. When you lose weight in a healthy way, you lay the groundwork for long-term successful weight loss

The great side effect of fasting is HEALTHY LOSE WEIGHT
A week of fasting has many positive effects, it is one of the fastest and at the same time harmless ways to lose extra pounds and do something good for the body. By fasting, you purify your body and also beautify the complexion, it also has a tightening effect on the connective tissue.

Fasting is the right choice for women from the age of 30 and 40 to maintain physical and mental performance. It has also been one of the few detox agents for years. You can't stop biological age, of course, but you can stop fasting processes. Today, many doctors recommend fasting to cure diseases and ailments.