Fasting according to Buchinger/Lützner means the voluntary conscious renunciation of solid food for a certain period of time (5-10 days).
Fasting begins with the days of relief to prepare the body for the upcoming fasting period. The starting signal is set by a thorough bowel cleansing (Glaubern or enema). 

During the fasting days, daily 
-250 ml vegetable broth 
-250 ml fruit or vegetable juice 
- approx. ½ l herbal tea and 2 - 3 l still water 
- allowed, supplemented by a small spoon of honey in the morning. 

Fasting-supporting measures, such as the daily liver wrap, promote the elimination of toxins via the excretory organs.

Lent ends when you eat a ripe or steamed apple.

During the following build-up days, the organism slowly gets used to solid food and everyday activities.

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