Alkaline fasting

Gentle detoxification and deacidification with pleasure 
Fasting is a cleansing for body, mind and soul. It has been practised in all cultures of the world for thousands of years.
Alkaline fasting is an alternative to traditional healing fasting and is referred to as pleasure fasting. On the physical level, the intestines are relieved, detoxified, the intestines are cleaned and excess pounds are lost. In addition, the immune system is strengthened, the skin becomes more beautiful, the tissue is detoxified and the mind becomes clearer. On the inner level, fasting is just as digested and processed as on the physical level. This creates a new body feeling, which leads to deep mental well-being and inner peace. 

The alkaline fast we offer is a week of de-acidification and relief Under the loving and experienced fasting guidance of Annelies Stocker and Noemi Mameli, the participants are accompanied throughout the day and the week. Morning walks on meadows and forest trails, on request daily holistic treatments in the hotel’s SPA such as full-body salt massage, back honey massage, natural cosmetics from Trehs and Farmogal, body packaging, body detox foot bath, freshly prepared herbal wraps, supportive measures for the intestine, joint discussions rounds, form a fasting programme. 

Our week begins with the abduction. During alkaline fasting, you will receive three alkaline meals a day, which are prepared from fresh vegetables and fruits from local and also in summer from our own biodynamic field. All acidic agents in the food are dispensed with. Numerous important tips and helpful measures will give you comprehensive impulses so that you can “no longer be acid” at home in the future!  

Fill up your vitamin and mineral deposits again, you will become lighter and feel the new vitality!